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Other Services

Through our partnering Laboratories, Additional Specialty Testing and Analysis Services can be supplied such as:

MICROBIOLOGY – Rapid speciation of mold by PCR analysis, Speciation of bacteria by Gas Chromatography, detection of MRSA, C. diff, and Legionella by culture and PCR analysis, Water Bacteria (coliforms etc.), Allergens (cat, dog, roach etc.), Mycotoxins, Microbial VOC’s (MVOC’s) and Endotoxins.

INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE AND AIR QUALITY SERVICES – OSHA Compliance Support (most OSHA and NIOSH Methods), TO 15 (canisters provided free of charge), TO 17, Formaldehyde, Silica PAH’s, Second Hand Smoke (ETS as nicotine in wipes or air), Product off-gassing, Isocyanates, Fixed Gases (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc.), NIOSH VOC Scan, Metals, Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI), Inorganic Acids, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Diesel Particulates (DPM), Methamphetamine, Hero Cocaine, Clandestine Laboratory Cleanup Support, Organonitrogen/Phosphorus Pesticides, Odor Characterization and Source Identification and Custom Analytical Work. Chinese Drywall Characterization. FDA banned food dye analysis, melamine.

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY – Metals, Lead, VOC’s, Semi-Volatiles, Pesticides/PCB’s, Herbicides, TCLP, SPLP, RCRA waste characterization. Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, glycols, alcohols and Wet Chemistry parameters in soil, water, bulk and air matrices .

MATERIALS LABORATORY ANALYSIS – Common Particle I.D. and Full Particle I.D. Analysis – Air, Tapes, Bulks, Water.
Identification of Unknown Materials, Contamination Control Materials Characterization, Polymers Testing, Pharmaceuticals, USP Testing
Mechanical Testing
Particle Sizing
Carbon Black, Soot, Fire Investigations, Combustible Dust, Explosives
Special Projects (Method Development, Simulation Studies, Cleaning Verification,
Particle Emissions, Environmental Chamber Testing)

ec2-Environmental Consulting